Season of Bountiful Harvest

Thank God for salvation, deliverance, preservation and provision.
Thank God for His favour and for moving us forward, we will never draw back in Jesus name.
We are believers today because Jesus Christ surrendered Himself to be offered a sacrifice. We are saved and sent forth by grace.
The church exists primarily for mission, so every Christian is a missionary. To continue with the work Jesus started on earth. Matthew 28: 18-20 ‘Go ye and preach the gospel”.
In Luke 10: 57-62, we see the myriad of excuses people gave in Jesus time. Some are still very much prevalent in our time.
Excuses of where to live- Jesus said follow me. Want to go and bury the dead. Verse 62- Jesus said no man having put His hand to the plough and looking back is fit for the Kingdom.
This month the Lord is saying to the Church, the harvest is plenteous or great. But the challenge is labourers. At the end of the month 1 Corinthians 1: 4-6 will be your testimony in Jesus name.
• Pray the Lord of harvest to send forth labourers.
• Pray that the Lord will use you and your house- but you must release yourself.
• Pray that the Lord will remove every obstacle from your way.
• Pray that the Lord will fill you with His compassion and passion for soul.
• Pray for great harvest.
• Labourer is worthy of his loaf but the Lord will not pay anyone who does not want to labour.
• The blessing, anointing, increase power to heal, to save and to deliver belongs to those who go.
• Do you want to be among the 70 group of 12, 3 or 1, the beloved? Great opportunity exists, vacancies in the Kingdom. Isaiah 6 Who shall I send and who will go for us- Are you willing to be used for the Lord.
This is not the season of God bless me. It is the season of the Lord ‘What will you have me do for you’. His heart cry- His needs are souls.
Sow in righteousness- reap in joy. The seventy returned V 17-20 with joy even the devils are subject unto us.
Are you ready for the miraculous? Then engage in the miraculous ‘Catch the fishes and all other things shall be added.
House to house, street, neighbour, friends, family- on twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp- Preach the gospel, carry tracts around, speak to someone each day, pray for someone’s salvation every hour.
A –All round Joy
U- Unquestionable favour
G- Great Exploits
U-Undeniable Testimonies
S- Superlative lifting
T- Total Restoration
All these will follow you when you go and preach the gospel and bring fruits to the Kingdom
The Lord will help us in Jesus name
Thank you for your love, gifts and service unto the Lord
We love & appreciate you Elder & Pastor Ajayi

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