Divine Encounter – Pastor ‘Ranti Ajayi


We return all glory to God for His faithfulness over our lives, family and Church over the last eight months and thank God for His grace, mercies and power that kept us thus far.
As we enter into ‘ember’ months, I perceive in my spirit that we all need “Divine Encounter” for direction, deliverance and transformation.

No athlete can run the race to finish and obtain a medal if he went in the opposite direction or refuse to run according to the rules of the game. Moses had divine encounter in Exodus 3 as he was minding his business, tending father-in-law’s sheep. However, because that was not God’s plan /purpose for His life, God in His infinite mercies visited him in a special/spectacular way in order to catch his attention.

After getting Moses’ attention, God revealed Himself to Moses. There are many in our midst that are serving ‘the unknown God ‘ Acts 17:21-23 and need an encounter.
Some are like Saul, religious but ignorantly persecuting the Church; if you are not gathering with Him, then you are not of Him Matthew 12:30. Such people have some trainings, experience, may be zealous, have lots of qualifications, but don’t have Christ in their life and are living their life as they deem fit. An encounter with the Lord will offer you unending power Philippians 3:10

Some have had an encounter and received the call of God but serving in wrong direction. The Lord who visited Jonah will visit you (Jonah 1). Such people are slowing down the work of God but the merciful God who delivered Jonah from the fish belly will visit you in Jesus name (Jonah 2). Such people will repent and look unto the temple, and the Lord will speak to ‘the fish to vomit them out ‘ The Lord our great deliverer will send divine deliverance from enemy’s strongholds as you encounter Him in Jesus name.

Moses turned around, God spoke, gave direction and Moses followed. When man encounters God, the following happens
– Divine revelation to your purpose- dream, vision
– Divine direction, you will hear a word behind you showing you the way.
– Helpers of destiny are released , angels, birds, fish, man, all manner of help
– You will have no choice than to obey God, you will come out of finding.
– Boldness & unction will come by the power of the Holy Spirit
– It will be everlasting and unforgettable
– It shall bring glory to God

What Do I have to Do?
Seek to know the Lord passionately
Turn around to see and hear what God has to say
Receive divine revelation from Him and take the revelation seriously.
Don’t be afraid, go forth in faith. Rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance
Prayer: Oh Lord please visit me this month. Give me an experience that will reveal who you are, the purpose for my life.

Give me the grace to seek you passionately, follow you closely and obey you completely.
Restore the years I have lost through ignorance and disobedience.
Enough is enough, please deal with every enemy of my destiny, and give me divine push to my destiny in Jesus name.
Please let me encounter you spiritually, in my career, in my business, education and in my ministry.
When God gives you divine encounter, your path will be straight, progress will be a unquestionable spectacular and God will be glorified. You will begin to soar like the eagle and you will be unstoppable soul winner, your life will be very fruitful. You will serve God acceptably with joy unspeakable.
God is seeking to raise leaders in Restoration House but many are pre-occupied by personal issues but this month the irresistible power of God will come upon you. God will visit you where it matters and where you cannot run.

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