About us

The Church

RCCG Restoration House is a non-denominational multi-cultural community-oriented church where the practical application of the word of God is the centre of our activities. Our first meeting was in Woolwich, South East London in 2005. Since then we have seen people get restored in every aspect of their lives. People can expect to see all-round restoration in their lives as they fellowship the true and living God with us.
There are several ministries within the church to help accomplish our vision. Restoration House is one of the parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God worldwide under the leadership of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.

Our Vision

  • * Preach the good news with passion for man to be reconciled to God.
  • * Teach sound doctrine that points people to heaven.
  • * Make disciples who will demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ and be living testimonies.
  • * Help members identify and pursue their purpose in life and to fulfil destiny.
  • * Build an end time army ready to bring about national revival and glory to God.
  • * Provide opportunities for spiritual and psychosocial growth through practical teaching, training, conferences and fellowships.
  • * Provide practical support for the needy and less privileged in the community.

Mission Statement

  1. To make heaven
  2. To take as many people as possible with us
  3. To have a member of RCCG in every family of all nations
  4. To accomplish No. 1 above, holiness will be our life style
  5. To accomplish Nos. 2 & 3 above we will plant churches within 5 minutes walking distance in every city & town of developing countries & within 5mins driving distance in every city & town of developed countries.
  6. We will pursue these objectives until every nation in the world is reached for Jesus Christ our lord.



The Teaching ministry of Restoration House is aimed at equipping everyone irrespective of their age with the fundamental knowledge of the word of God. The ministry comprises of:

  • Foundation Class:- For people who are new to the Christian faith.
  • Believers' Class:- For people who have just committed themselves to pursuing a relationship with God.
  • Baptismal Class:- For people who have gone through the foundation and believers classes and are ready for the public declaration of their new found faith via water baptism.

We run regular weekly Bible studies, House Fellowship and Sunday School sessions.


At RCCG Restoration House, we value the power of prayer. We firmly believe, that prayer of faith can move any mountain, open any closed door and facilitate breakthrough in every aspect of life. From our monthly prayer & fasting sessions, to weekly prayer meetings; we offer members the platform to honour our Lord's command to pray without ceasing.

Tribe of Judah

Tribe of Judah is the Men's ministry of RCCG Restoration House. Our vision is to create an environment in which we can be real men and encourage one another to grow into the men God intended us to be. One of the tragedies of the days we live in is the apparent absence of men from the fore-front of every "Battlefield". The battlefield of family life, Christianity, evangelism, raising kids etc; are all crying out for the generals (Men) to take their place by exercising their God-given authority and help push the ever advancing forces of the enemies back. Our ministry is aimed at developing and equipping the "Adamic" man to achieve his purpose in life and live a fulfilling life. Apart from our regular monthly meetings, we hold seminars, teaching classes and conferences with seasoned ministers of the God and professionals from all aspects of life.


The Women of Faith Fellowship of Restoration house, London is a part of the Good Women Fellowship of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. The Women of Faith Fellowship was inaugurated on the 30th of September 2007. Membership consists of about 20 members on the average. The aim of the fellowship is to build a vibrant fellowship catering for the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the women and all Our programmes every year are geared towards these aims. Our women have been very active at the local church level, African Missions and attending external programmes organised by the larger body of the RCCG.


The children's ministry of Restoration House aims to equip the younger generation with Godly principles for everyday living in a fun-filled environment. The ministry caters for children within the ages of 2-14 with activities ranging from choir and drama ministrations and after school classes.


Restoration Youth is the Restoration House London forum for single Christians, where issues pertaining to living a fruitful Christian way of life are focused on. The forum is for singles above the age of 18. The forum holds fellowship bi-monthly, adopting an interactive and unique format, which still retains crucial principles necessary for spiritual growth. It allows singles to dig into the word of God and address various issues relating to singles today. Furthermore, the format ensures a sound delivery of the core message with sublime use of interactive Q&A sessions, alongside bible teachings. Several topics relating to the life of singles are discussed, e.g. 'victory over sin', 'marriage', 'success in finances', 'triumphing over sexual temptation', 'hearing from God', 'steps to spiritual growth', etc. These topics will be a blessing in helping single Christians to deal with the everyday battles faced in the world today. As singles, we need spiritual guidance either through fellowship or mentoring. Moreover, the forum helps singles network socially, for example, during the valentine weekend, the singles goes to dinner; an outing that will help singles get to know each other and enjoy themselves. Other social events include birthday celebrations, barbecue gatherings etc.

Community Outreach

As a community based church, we have a number of programmes designed to reach out to our immediate community. Our bi-monthly faith clinic and food donations to the less privileged are a few of our programmes.